BET 101 Red

Universal spare ear pads.
3 pairs silicone
3 pairs memory foam


Universal spare ear pads. The ear pads improve placing of earphones in ear canals and enhance the overall sound presentation of bass frequency. Thanks to the special construction, they adjust the final sound at high frequencies (refine the unpleasant sound peaks), the bass part will be then lower and more detailed. The packaging contains 6 pairs of ear pads from 2 different materials (silicone and memory foam). The silicone ear pads are made of silicone that is used at health care. The ear pads perfectly hold the shape. The ear pads from the memory foam ensure the maximum possible comfort when using the earphones.
They perfectly adapt the shape of your ear and they are not too tight. The memory foam thanks to its features fully isolate the outside noise and enables to concentrate only on the music experience. Both set of ear pads are provided at sizes S – 10mm, M – 12mm, L – 14mm. The height of ear pad is 10mm. They are suitable for all types of earphones with the sound tube diameter from 5 to 7mm.
To ensure the optimal features of the ear pads, it is recommended to change the pads every 6 month of using.

Technical specifications

S – 10 mm
M – 12 mm

L – 14 mm
The height of ear pad is 10mm
Diameter from 5 to 7 mm